Are you looking for a way to make your home both; comfortable and safe? Are you looking for new screens in your doors? Tired of flies and insects making their way in the house when you open your windows? Retractable fly screens are your answer. What are retractable fly screen doors? Read this to find out and also find some important facts about them.

What are the retractable fly screens?

Most of you would have thought of sitting for some air in the by opening the windows. But it’s not the only wind that enters the house, but rather several insects and bugs also make their way in. retractable fly screens have the perfect comprise between the comfort and a great view while preventing the entry of flies and insects. The main purpose that they serve is to stop the entry of bugs in the house, but come with an additional glamorous look that makes your investment worthwhile. They offer both; utility and beauty!

Retractable fly screens are those which retract to a cassette or house.  They can be pulled out when wanted and pushed out of the way when they aren’t needed. They offer a convenient solution to the issue of bugs and insects entering the house.

Important facts about retractable fly screens

If you are tired of bugs entering your home and want to install retractable fly screens as a solution, consider some of these important facts.

  1. The right material and quality of retractable fly screens won’t spring back or snap. Make sure you choose the right ones.
  2. Retractable fly screens are made in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that best meets your need. They can also be custom-made on order to match your house.
  3. Retractable fly screens can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner on reduced power or by with the use of a damp sponge.
  4. Having no screws or bulky parts, it gives your home an elegant look.
  5. Retractable fly screens are easily operated and can be fitted with window or doors of any size.
  6. These retractable fly screens can be easily attached and removed.
  7. Retractable fly screens protect against UV lights
  8. Retractable fly screens are washable.
  9. The retractable fly screens can be opened easily and without much effort. Adults as well as children can easily pull the screen without having to make much effort.