Wedding season now continues throughout the whole year. There are a lot of things to do in a wedding and most important of them is the wedding photoshoot. It is now the era of social media, and with an increase in using the trend of facebook, whatsapp and Instagram, people have become more conscious of having amazing photos on their events.

Wedding photoshoot is essential as it is a way to collect memories of your big day. Following mentioned are some of the top beautiful poses offered by Boston Wedding Photographer.


1- Hide and seek click

It is the best pose for couples who want to have funny pictures on their wedding day. You and your partner will surely rock this photoshoot idea. To have a picture in this pose, you can sit on the bench and look at your partner. Make sure that had hidden her face with a lot of flowers.


2- Greenfield clicks

It is the perfect photoshoot idea for couples who love nature. You can have a fantastic picture while holding your partner’s hand and kissing her on her forehead. You can get this picture in an open field that has slopes and hills around it. It is the perfect idea of having an excellent photograph with your partner.

3- Beach click

Having a photo with your partner on the beach is undoubtedly the best idea for photography on your wedding. Just have a picture by holding the hands of your partner on the shore of the beach.


4- Sweet Filmy couple clicks

It is the pose which teenagers will love to have at their wedding. You can take this type of picture anywhere making a filmy background. Lying down in a yacht and looking in your partner’s eyes will make an excellent pose.


5- Hug click

It is a sweet but straightforward pose for a picture on your wedding day. You need to go behind your partner, hold her from behind and get the photo clicked by Adriano Batti Wedding Photography. Don’t forget to have a warm sweet smile on face until the photo has clicked.