Anyone who owns a rifle needs a good scope. It helps you in getting the best results for your shooting. However, for that, one should get the best air rifle scope and must know about how to use it to his advantage. Getting a bad model or the one which is not up to the mark will disturb your shooting practice and you’ll end up with more misses than hits.

What is a scope?

A scope is an attachment for the rifle that is placed on the top mount. It is put into practice as it magnifies the object and helps you with visibility and recognition. With an object more clear and visible, you have a better chance at hitting the target than missing it. However, for that, you need to get the right scope and you should be aware of how to use a scope. Else, people tend to miss more and they don’t even realize that it is their scope which is faulty than their shooting.

Types of rifle scopes

Whenever you go out in the market to buy a rifle scope, you will be greeted with two basic types. One is fixed and the other one is variable.

The fixed scope comes with a magnification point which one cannot change. It won’t give you a chance to vary the magnification power to suit the target distance. However, it also indicates that these scopes are better when working with targets in a closer range.

The variable scopes come with a varying power option. You can increase or decrease the power of your scope according to your needs. For instance, you can go for a 3x magnification if the target is far and even 12x if the target is farther. At the end, it depends on your scope and how much power it offers.

Reticle type

Another important consideration for you is the reticle type and you need to know about some of the popular options in the market. While there are many different types of reticles, you are more likely to see a scope with the traditional crosshair, duplex, mill-dot, and illuminated crosshair than with any other type.

The traditional crosshair is a very good choice but you may have the problem of objects being hidden behind it. On the other hand, the duplex is perhaps the most popular choice for individuals who use scope for hunting and some of the best air rifle scope come with it. It comes with thicker lines at the edges while finer on the inside which gives you better precision.

Moreover, you get mill-dot which are very helpful if you are shooting targets at a long range. You get notches which help you in making the adjustment depending on the wind and you can easily calculate the bullet movement and drop. However, you need to be more of a professional shooter than an amateur to work with it.

Mount type

There are three primary types of mounts which include the dovetail, weaver, and picatinny. The dovetail is most common and is approximately 11mm to 14mm wide. Then there is a weaver which is better for red dot and lasers. Picatinny gives you several slots and stand as a versatile choice for scopes and attachments.