A perfectly brewed cup of coffee will surely light up your mood for the rest of the day. Daily being served from a barista will be very pricy. If you love drinking coffee then you have to understand all the important things how to brew a perfect coffee at any time. It’s much easier then you think. No matter how expensive your coffee machine is, some techniques will surely help you brew perfect coffee.

Buy fresh, whole bean coffee

You are doing it wrong if you are using pre-ground coffee bags to make coffee. Instead of using pre-ground coffee bags start using fresh whole beans. This is because the companies don’t provide you with enough information when the beans were roasted. The coffee found in the stores has been there for months. Roasted coffee only tastes goods if consumed within a month. So, always go to the local shops to buy coffee beans. Some of the shop keepers roast the coffee beans on spot in smaller batches. This way you can get fresh coffee.

Store the coffee beans properly

If you want to keep your coffee fresh for a longer period make sure to store it properly. It is most appropriate to keep it in a vacuum-sealed container with a valve. A standard mason jar is enough for most of the people.

Immediately Grind your coffee

Coffee loses its flavour within 30 minutes. So, it’s much better to grind your coffee immediately before brewing for the maximum flavour.  Don’t grind the coffee too much. Finely grinded coffee will taste bitter as it will be over-extracted. Go for a medium-fine grind using a manual hand mill.

Measure the volume of your coffee

If you want to make a perfect coffee, one way to achieve this is to use water and coffee in the same ratio each time you brew your coffee. Most people go for 1:2 (that is one part of coffee and 2 parts of water) to make a strong cup of coffee. It’s totally up to you which ratio suits your taste.

Brew at the right temperature

There are certain coffee makers which don’t reach an optimal temperature. The right temperature to brew coffee is between 195 and 205 degrees. If your coffee maker skips these steps then use a thermometer in the coffee hoper to make sure that your coffee gets hot enough. Make sure not to increase the temperature to 250 otherwise it will burn your coffee. If this method fails to work then upgrade your coffee maker for better results.

Use distilled water

Another aspect of brewing perfect coffee is to use the right amount of water. If you will use water full of minerals coffee will not blend in it properly. This will lead to under-extracted coffee. On the other hand, more highly distilled water will be very destructive for your coffee machine. So, use distilled water to brew your coffee perfectly. It will suffice much better.


As the beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder as is the perfectly brewed cup of coffee. So don’t hesitate to experiment with the coffee roasts, grind sizes, water temperature and other brewing methods until you get yourself a perfect cup of coffee.