Getting into your early twenties or late teens can cost you the wisdom of tooth. There is a myth about wisdom tooth that when you reach the age of wisdom your wisdom tooth appears. Well, who knows anything can be made under the tag of myths. Apart from that, these teeth can be tricky sometimes when they are misaligned and you need to remove them. The removal is necessary as they can damage the adjacent teeth or even a nerve. When you go through the removal of wisdom teeth, there are some precautions to be followed afterward like what food to eat what not eat.

Intake of food

After several hours of exhaustion due to the removal of wisdom tooth, one needs energy and that energy can be taken in the form of food. But what kind of food is considered after this process? Liquids like juices are highly recommended moreover soft foods are also encouraged. Food that gives cool sensations is good for pain relief. Moreover, medicines are also prescribed by the dentists for pain relief.


Soups are easily consumed after the surgery. Soups like tomatoes or pumpkins are very slimy and liquid in the form which can not cause any bits of food materials to irritate the surgery area. They are highly rich with vitamins etc. and you need to get the right amount of energy after a hectic tooth removal. Make sure the soup is either Lukewarm or cold because hotness can irritate the affected area.

Mashed soft food

Another rich source of food while in wisdom tooth condition are the mashed potatoes. If you are not a foodie person, this is the best option for you. Taking a few bites of mashed potatoes can get you to regain all the energy you would probably need after the surgery. They are easy to eat, you won’t have to make an effort to chew it hard but can be easily eaten up.

Ice cream

It’s a must-eat after any dental surgery. And trust me this is only the best part after your surgery. People usually go for ice creams available in the market but if you make a homemade ice cream that would add cherry on top. Banana ice creams are the best source of energy. People go for cold food, as the coldness soothes the painful effect on the wound. The sensation gives you relaxation for some time which you badly need after the surgery.

Solid food intake

After the surgery, you cannot just go and grab your food. You will have to wait for an hour, as the wounded area needs to be relaxed first. But the question is when can I eat solid food after wisdom teeth removal? The answer is simple and understood, you can have solid food after almost a week. In between its better for you to take in semi-solid foods like mentioned above and start taking solid foods like nuts chips etc after a week. This precaution will get you to heal your wounded area quickly because it’s worth a wait than to get another surgery.