The trending Instagram has come to be used as a platform for attracting customers and for selling products. It greatly attracts business owners who aim to attract more customers towards their business. There are some ways which are used by businessmen to convert their followers into customers.

Ways to convert followers into customers with the use of direct message

Below we have discussed some ways businessmen can convert their followers into customers.

  1. Offering your followers discounts

One way to attract your followers to buy your product is to use direct message to inform them about discounts. After all, who doesn’t like discounts? This can be done by targeting the audience through direct messages. If you need info about instagram direct messaging then you can check multiple sources.

  1. Using targeted ads

To gain more followers and to convert them into customers, a good idea will be to run targeted ads. Even if this means using different parameters such as location, gender, age, interests etc. Looking like a regular post, they are lesser level of invasive than other networks. This attracts attention because your ad doesn’t go unnoticed by your followers.

  1. Running giveaways and contests

One great way to engage more followers and to convert them into customers is to encourage contests and giveaways. Everyone likes gifts and free items, so they can be a good option for the promotion of your products. By asking people to tag your brand, you are more likely to get more engagements as the followers of these people will be following you after being attracted by your giveaway options.

  1. Replying to messages and comments

Finally, what is most important is that you keep your audience entertained by interacting with them because that is how you build trust.  Keeping in touch with your followers makes them feel valued and that you care for them at least enough to write a reply. This, coupled with the above methods can easily gain you more followers and convert those already there into customers.

The methods that we have discussed above are a good way for people to encourage more followers and to gain more customers.