What is Cloud Computing and its benefits?

Cloud computing plays a role in the delivery of computing services all over the internet. It is a faster, flexible as well as an economic resource. These services of computing consist of servers, networks, intelligence, storage, software, databases and much more.

Characteristics of cloud computing:

  1. One of the characteristics of cloud computing is that they work on-demand self- service. It means customers will be able to create a personal account in any of the vendors of cloud and they can easily start using it without even seeking any help from the sales agent.
  2. Cloud computing works as global network access. You can access the resources easily. Your location does not matter, you just need an internet connection.
  3. Cloud computing allows you to easily scale the infrastructure, adjust according to its need and usage.
  4. You don’t need to buy any hardware. You just need to pay for the number of resources you need to use.

What is Cloud Computing and its benefits?

  1. Saves your time with high speed:

Majority of the cloud platforms provides a great offer of self-service and a large number of resources that can be provisioned in very less time. Easy functionality and more space save time also.

  1. Accessing resources from all over the globe:

You can access your resources at any time and anywhere from the world. You just need to have an account and a good internet connection. Login and start using it.

  1. Cost:

If you use cloud computing, then you don’t need to buy any hardware or software and setting up systems. Save your money. Hardware can get old or become outdated. But if you have cloud computing, you just need to update it regularly.

  1. Performance and security:

Almost all the cloud computing service companies have the most secure centers for their data where they keep their servers active all the time. These servers are updated to their latest versions on a regular basis. They are also very fast and reliable. In case of any geographical disaster, their centers show different availability zones. These zones provide a set of policies that control your resources and data. They also protect your data and resources against any potential threats.