You might think it’s impossible to do visual content marketing with Twitter. After all, Twitter is famous for making you say what you want to say in 280 characters or less. Succinctness reigns supreme on the Twitter platform.

But even this spare copy platform has embraced visual content, so creating a strategy for visual content marketing with Twitter makes sense for online entrepreneurs.

  • You can now place both photos and videos in your Tweets. For video, it’s easier to embed from your Twitter app on your smartphone OR create a video right inside Twitter itself. Twitter tells you how to do both in their Twitter Help Center.  By the way, if you use Vine you’ll find that Twitter supports your Vine videos, too. Don’t worry about your video being professional quality – Twitter does best within the moment short videos.
  • You can use GIF files on Twitter, too. Still or animated GIFs will work.
  • Of course, you can use photographs or graphic files on Twitter, too. Twitter will accept both JPG and PNG, and you can edit the photo before you Tweet it. What type of photos works best? Remember that Twitter is usually viewed on a mobile device which means your image will be small unless the user elects to click on it to expand it. I’m not a fan of text quotes in a photo frame for that reason – you’ll get more notice with colorful photos. And of course, if you want the more emotional pull to use a photo with live beings (two-legged or four-legged will do).

Using visual content on Twitter means that you’ll get more real estate since your Tweet is not very tall without a picture. With visual content, your Tweet will take up at least twice the vertical space, as you can see from the graphic in this blog post.

Want to get fancy? You can add more than one photograph to a Tweet and you can tag other Twitter users in that photo. While you can use more than one photo in a Tweet oversized JPG or PNG files, like an infographic, will not work well. If you want to share an infographic on Twitter I recommend creating a copy in the Tweet that leads readers to a link on your website where they can see the entire infographic.

Another option is to use Twitter cardsto create visual content marketing with Twitter. These are specifically designed to drive traffic to your website.

How to do Visual Content Marketing with Instagram

Using vibrant visual on Instagram means more attention. The latest research I’ve seen states that Tweets with images receive more clicks, more likes, and shares. You can promote them by buying Instagram likes. Share your thoughts in comments below!

Instagram is all about visuals and you need perfect visual marketing to create buzz. Adding a captivating content visuals mean you can:

  • Get more of an emotional response
  • Connect with people who are more visually oriented than copy oriented
  • Expand the meaning of your message.