Gaining weight without supplements

Being underweight is as much of a problem as being obese is. Many people are clinically underweight and quite a few simply do not want to be labeled skinny and so want to gain weight. High metabolism or low, if you consume less than you burn each day, you lose weight. So, gaining weight is equally simple. Eat more calories than you consume. That’s it! No need for extra supplements. Here is what you should be doing:

  • Take in more calories than you burn:

To make sure you have surplus calories so that you put on more weight, calculate your calorie intake and the amount of calories burned using a calorie calculator. Make sure you consume approximately 300-500 calories more than you need and if you want to gain weight faster, keep your daily intake 700-1000 calories more than you need. There is no easier way to gain more weight without taking supplements than this to remain healthy and fit. Calculating calorie intake may only be necessary for the first few days or weeks after which you would need to continue eating approximately as much as you calculated.

  • Take at least three meals a day with plenty of fats and carbohydrates:

Consume plenty of high-fat and high-carb foods each day to ensure a surplus calorie intake. Supplements are not always the solution. A good diet, that ensures surplus calories, is usually all that is needed. Eat no less than 3 meals a day and intermittent periods of consuming energy-dense snacks might also help gain healthy weight.

  • Consume foods that ensure high calorie intake:

Rice, which contains up to 200 calories, nuts in regular meals or as intermittent snacks, starch rich foods like potatoes, corn, oats, pasta, cereal etc. and dried fruits are foods that can help gain healthy weight. They contain calories and must be included in the diet regularly if you aim to gain some weight.

To gain healthy weight, protein is one of the major nutrients needed. Consume more protein by increasing meat, fish, nuts, legumes, dairy products etc. in regular diet because increasing calorie intake without sufficient protein may end up in unhealthy weight gain in the form of fat. Muscles are mad e up of protein and without plenty of protein for the surplus calories, the extra calories would end up simply as fat. It is extra protein that converts extra calories to muscles. 0.7-1 grams of protein per pound of body weight should do the trick. Therefore, increasing protein intake is essential for healthy weight gain without the use of supplements.

  • Don’t drink water before meals:

Water fills the stomach which may make it harder to take in the amount of fats, protein and carbohydrates necessary to gain weight.

  • Drink plenty of milk:

Milk is rich in protein and calories so consume milk to quench thirst because it would make it easier to reach the necessary amount of calories you are required to consume in a day

It may seem that supplements are needed if one wants to gain weight and stop being skinny or underweight but that is not quite true. It is just a matter of carefully monitoring your diet and food intake. If you are underweight, gain more