SoundCloud is an online audio and music sharing a website that let the amateur and professional artists, storyteller, musicians, DJs, poets, comedians, and radio presenters to share their work. This music platform has endless possibilities in audio dominion. SoundCloud is simply used for showcasing music craft and streaming music. However, it is very challenging to getting your music notice especially when you are aspiring artists. The simplest way is to buy SoundCloud followers to increase your fan base and get success but there are a lot of other ways to do to be noticed in front of more people possible. Use these killer ways to kickstart your journey on this network in order to reach out to a whole new audience.

Announcements: Announce every update on your profile and encourage your followers to follow your account for new updates. Record audio about the latest update and announce about your new release or your next tour etc.

Run contest: Use the SoundCloud analytics and see which fan play your soundtrack the most. Run a contest and offer giveaways to the user who plays your new soundtrack the most in a week. But ensure that the giveaway is real and give it to the user who will win this contest.

Teaser Previews: Upload the teaser of your Soundtrack to engage your fans and increase their thirst of music. Later, replace this teaser with an original upload that will engage your fans and listeners.

Twitter Question & Answer: Encourage your followers to ask anything on Social media especially On Twitter. Record answer audio and post it on SoundCloud.

Send DM or record Private audio tracks to send your fans: DM or direct message is a great feature to communicate with your followers directly on SoundCloud. Also, engage with them on real-time comments on your soundtracks. You can also record private audio to reply to the comment of your fans. SoundCloud has shared new tips for getting your tracks to as many people as possible out there. Now it’s up to you how you make your own personal mark differentiates you from other artists on this huge music platform. Buying SoundCloud followers can help you to create the buzz.

Keep your profile up to date:

  • Your profile photo should be good and attractive. Use your current photo as the profile photo.
  • Use the cover art of your new album, new release and next tour as a banner image.
  • Add your social media profiles and contact info in the description of your profile.
  • Also, link your next tour dates to Bandpage.
  • Highlight your new tracks to get more plays and new followers.

Maintain Your Motion: Consistency is the key. All you need to use this platform wisely to get your music notice. Moreover, consider buying SoundCloud followers, use SoundCloud paid ads and paid tweet or mentions to get most out of this platform. Moreover, these tips and tricks will work best when you share your music on other social platforms.