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Who doesn’t like games? Be it for a good family time, entertainment or simply friends wanting to sit together to have some fun, card and board games never let you down! Even with technology running the world, card and board games never run out of fashion. At the end of an exhausting day all you need is some entertainment to revive your energy. What can be better than a good family time while making the best of your favorite card games?

While ready-made cards are a usual, most people also go for custom playing cards to make the fun better! Card games never disappoint so here is a collection of 5 of our favorite card games!

5 best card games of 2019

Don’t miss out on making the best of these games

  1. Monopoly card game

The deal card game version of monopoly is considered as one of the best family games because of its addictiveness and its fast pace. In this monopoly game you get 110 cards and the instructions are provided in the box. Being designed for up to five people the game has all traditional properties of monopoly along with various action cards. The greatest benefit is that each round takes about 15-20 minutes, winding up each round quickly.

deck of cards
deck of cards
  1. Family feud – Strikeout card game

Inspired by family feud of TV? Being a perfect replica of the TV show, if you and your kids love the show, this game is a must get! Suited for children ages 10 and up, the game can be enjoyed by three or more people. Each card is based on family feud type questions and covers a range of topics. Most reviewers have loved the game and found it perfect for traveling and parties.



  1. Global giggles: Face Off card game

A perfect family game for you and your family as you can get everyone laughing with those funny faces and much more. The game comes with 108 brightly colored cards, four sets of “trading signal” which dare you to make funny face expressions, do weird actions and make various funny sounds. This game can be played by about three to nine people. Although is a little loud and chaotic, your family won’t miss out on the fun!

  1. Card game: Ideal rage

This game will get out the competitive side of your family. Being a mix of strategy and luck, this aim here is to get rid of as many cards as possible from your hand. It comes with 110 cards and gaming instructions. The fast-paced game can be played by two to eight players. The reviews say that there is some rage initially, but once you get going, you’re good!

  1. UNO: One of your best options

UNO is the ideal game for your family as it is fit for all ages to play and can come in even custom playing cards which you can get designed by choice. You’re missing out on so much if you haven’t played UNO! It comes with 108 cards with all the rules and instructions that you’ll be needing. It can be played by about two to four people. Taking turns, the players put the cards down based on color or number match and picking a card from the middle pile in case of a no match. Reviewers love the game and say that this is one game that never gets old.